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Product availability, purchase and delivery

  1. Where can I find Muebles BOAL near my home?

    Muebles BOAL distributes its products through a network of authorized dealers. Check the Where to Buy section to find a distributor near you.

  2. I made my purchase at a point of sale and want to know when my product will be delivered.

    For questions and information about product delivery, please visit the point of sale where  you acquired your product. As Muebles BOAL sells exclusively through distributors and in virtue of personal data protection rules, we do not have access to this information. 

  3. What do I need to do when the product is delivered?

    Check that the product is delivered properly, without apparent damage to the

    packaging and the product itself. Carefully read the User Manual and

    Warranties that are included with the product. Finally, keep all the

    documentation you received for further reference.

  4. How can I find out the prices of the products online?

    The Products section is designed to show the type of furniture we manufacture and redirect the customer to the distributor´s website where prices and additional information can be found. 

  5. Is it possible to find a specific model from more than one distributor in the same location?

    Normally each distributor has exclusivity in the models that he offers and with each one you will find different options.

  6. Could you please send me a catalog of your products?

    Because we sell exclusively through our distributors and each  of them has different models, we do not have a complete product catalog. Please visit our Where to Buy section for further information about the models each distributor offers.

  7. Do you manufacture custom designs or make custom size furniture?

    Due to our production scheme and volume, we only manufacture the models in our catalog in established sizes. 

  8. Refer to the product manual for more information concerning your furniture Download

Product warranty

  1. What are the main considerations about the product?

    Please carefully check your furniture upon receipt to identify and damage cause by transportation, maneuvering or unpacking.

    In case of finding any anomaly, please report it immediately to the distributor where you purchased the product. 

  2. What are the terms to make the warranty valid?

    The warranty is offered only to the original purchaser of the product and applies to normal residential use, it does not apply to offices, businesses or public areas, and it does not proceed in case of  defects resulting from negligence, misuse, accidents, transportation damage or commercial use. 

  3. What is the process to make the warranty valid?

    Any service or repair that applies within the warranty period will be processed through the distributor where the products was purchased.

  4. What information should I have in the process of validating the warranty?

    Provide the original proof of purchase, receipt or invoice, photographs of the product OT label that is attached under the furniture, along with photographs of the damage (complete piece, chose-up, and detail). The follow-up or process may depend on each distributor. 

  5. Refer to the product manual for more information concerning your furniture Download

Technical product and maintenance information

  1. Do you offer maintenance and cleaning services?

    Currently, we do not offer these services. 

  2. Do you have an anti-stain repellent application service?

    Muebles BOAL does not offer this service. If you decide to apply an anti-stain repellent, we suggest you hire a professional service, do not apply the repellent yourself to avoid damage. As the application of any anti-stain repellent implies the manipulation of the fabric or leather by third parties, the warranty given by Muebles Boal on the tapestry is invalidated and becomes the service provider's responsibility 

  3. How should leather and vinyl products be cleaned?

    Remove dust with a dry cloth or with the soft brush attachment of vacuum cleaner (do not use water). It is possible to completely remove dust from the surface of the leather since it cannot penetrate it. 

  4. How should fabric products be cleaned?

    We recommend vacuuming the entire piece or using a soft brush or cloth to avoid dust accumulation. This will highlight the beauty of the fabric and given it a longer life. 

  5. Refer to the product manual for more information concerning your furniture Download

Post-sale information and replacement items

  1. Do you sell spare material such as hardware, recliner controls, and mattresses for sleeper sofas, leather or fabrics?

    If you need to purchase any spare material, with the exception of fabric or leather, please contact our authorized distributors so they can contact us and request the requiered materials. It is the discretion of Muebles BOAL to authorize the sale. By oficial regulation we cannot sell fabric and leather separately.

  2. Refer to the product manual for more information concerning your furniture Download

Our Manuals

We make available the following user manuals and warranties, where you will find important information, instructions for use and maintenance.

Read each one carefully and keep them for future reference.

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